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  • Gail Hillebrand at Summit 16

    Interview with Summit 16 Panelist Shu-pui Li
    Designate Executive Director of Financial Infrastructure at the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), Shu-pui Li, reflects on the panel discussion at the 2016 Financial Literacy Summit, co-hosted by Visa and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Li discusses innovative changes in financial education and how the inclusion of various sectors of the field is enhancing programs worldwide. View video

  • Gail Hillebrand at Summit 16

    Visa's Norton Speaks About New Financial Education Online Tools at NFCC Connect
    The National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), is the nation's largest and longest-serving nonprofit financial counseling organization, hosted its 51st annual NFCC conference themed Building a Brighter Financial Future. Visa's Head of U.S. Financial Education Hugh Norton presented at the event in Washington, DC talking about what's new in online tools and mobile apps for financial education. Read more

  • Gail Hillebrand at Summit 16

    Interview with Summit 16 Panelist Ana Pantelic
    Ana Pantelic, Director of Business and Partnership Development at Fundación Capital, stresses the importance of moving forward the barriers of financial literacy with technology at the 2016 Financial Literacy Summit. Pantelic discusses how innovative companies and organizations are building the critical foundation of personal finance knowledge citizens need to be financially healthy and make informed decisions. View Video

  • Gail Hillebrand at Summit 16

    Visa Interviews Panelist Gail Hillebrand at Summit 16
    Gail Hillebrand, Associate Director for Consumer Education and Engagement at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, discusses how financial literacy is at a tipping point to giving people the skills that allow them to use knowledge in a changing marketplace. Hillebrand's panel discussed how tech advancements are affecting financial education across the globe, including government policies and educational practices. View Video

  • Gil Beltran at Summit 16

    Visa Interviews Panelist Gil Beltran at Summit 16
    Undersecretary and Chief Economist of the Philippines Department of Finance, Gil S. Beltran, discusses educating all sectors of society with financial education for a vibrant, fast-growing economy. Beltran spoke on a panel at the 2016 Financial Literacy Summit, co-hosted with the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, about how innovation in technology is changing personal finance habits from policy to practice. View Video

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curriculum - Innovative Educator - Roadmap for Educators

Classroom Curriculum for 9–12 Grade Students
Engage your 9-12 grade students in our financial literacy curriculum with 22 comprehensive, standards-aligned lessons on money management.
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September's Innovative Educator
After observing a lack of discussion around teaching financial literacy, Maureen Neuner became an educator devoted to making a difference in students' lives.
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Roadmap for Educators
Discover the wide array of free resources on Practical Money Skills and how to use them in your classroom.
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