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Financial Education for Everyone

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On October 11th, Visa Volunteers participated in Teach a Girl to Tech Day sponsored by the Women’s High-Tech Coalition. Hosted at the AT&T Forum in Washington DC, the event brought together girls and leading tech innovators to connect youth with computer science programs. Through Visa's volunteer program, employees distributed free materials and demonstrated financial literacy games on tablets, empowering young women through better understanding personal finance as they explore careers in technology.

image 1

Visa volunteers welcome event attendees to the Visa table, where financial literacy games and free materials were available.

image 2

Visa volunteers join to help encourage financial literacy through digital games, curriculum and other learning tools.

image 3

Attendees were able to play Visa’s online game and free app, Peter Pig’s Money Counter, where kids practice identifying, counting and saving money while learning fun facts about U.S. currency.

image 4

Young girls were able to explore Visa’s financial literacy games, from Financial Football to Peter Pig’s Money Counter.

image 5

Visa’s Practical Money Skills booth provided tablets on which attendees played financial literacy games, as well as read “Guardians of the Galaxy,” a comic about the importance of saving money and teaching kids about wants and needs.

image 6

Students had fun playing Visa’s financial literacy games together, including Peter Pig’s Money Counter.

image 7

Young girls were able to learn more about personal finance via Visa’s Practical Money Skills’ games and printed guides for students.

image 8

A popular game at the event was Peter Pig’s Money Counter, an engaging online game and app where players practice identifying, counting and saving money.

image 9

Visa employees shared Practical Money Skills’ educational games and resources with students at the International Day of the Girl event, Teach A Girl to Tech. Students played games on tablets including Peter Pig’s Money Counter and Financial Football.

image 10

Visa volunteers demo financial literacy games for Teach a Girl to Tech Day in Washington, D.C.

image 11

One of the attendees plays Cash Puzzler, a digital game where players put scrambled pieces of a puzzle back together to complete the image of a dollar bill.

image 12

Students arrive at the Visa’s Practical Money Skills table to explore apps, guides and the “Guardians of the Galaxy” comic, which tells a narrative based in personal finance concepts.

image 13

Visa volunteers prepare to welcome students with app demos, “Guardians of the Galaxy” comics, and “Your Money, Your Future,” a personal finance guide for beginner savers.